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The 80 x 30 arena is open for hire. It currently has a mixed course of Jump for Joy and wooden fences. The arena is only available to book in blocks of one hour.

Arena 2 Booking

From: £36.00 inc. VAT

Booking arena 2 is £36 per hour
See which time slots are already booked in the Availability Calendar at the bottom of the page

To Book

Dates in Pink are already fully booked.
Click on the date you want to book
Wait for the calendar to check the availability on that day
Below the Calendar, a Start and End time dropdown box will load (It’s a bit slow)

Pick your start and end time and then select the Book Now button
The arena currently contains of course of show jumps
Please keep in mind that the arena does not have floodlights so bookings are limited by daylight hours.


Availability Calendar